According to their mindset people take relevant actions and achieve relevant results.

Thus, mindset and personal believes are core motivator in our behaviour and communication with the rest of the world. And naturally they determine our outcomes.

What if we revert the algorithm?…

… and according to the desired outcome we manage to update out thoughts and mindset? It’s like installing a new operational system to our brains.

Would that effect our motivation? Would it uplift the whole team?

We, the trainers from Generative Mindset International Learning Center, say YES.

So we created the motivational training in five simple steps:

✔ Clarifying the vision of the future and desired outcomes

✔ Defining the five priority goals

✔ Elucidating the mission of the team. How should the vision be achieved? And what will be their personal contribution to it?

✔ Designing an action plan – Storyboarding

✔ Setting a success mindset


Motivational training is based on Success Factor Modeling (SFM™) methodology created in California by Robert Dilts, who has global reputation as a leading coach, behavioural skills trainer and business consultant since the late 1970s, with more than 20 published books. Some people believe he is genius.

Robert has worked on various projects with companies as Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Lucasfilm, FIAT, World Bank, and many others.

For several decades, Robert and his brother John (a Silicon Valley lawyer) have interviewed and analyzed behaviors of hundreds of successful leaders and entrepreneurs in different areas, searching for common traits between them.

What is the difference, that makes the difference between successful and not successful people? What is the essence that allows them to succeed? What are their decisions and actions? And above all – what is their mindset?

Robert and John Dilts were able to compile all the answers to above questions in SFM™ methodology, offering a unique approach for developing additional competencies based on creative modeling. 

Who is motivational training for?

Business owners, managers and entrepreneurs, spearhead leaders and achievers.

Why choose SFM™?

In recent years, a new generation of leaders has arisen, who are interested in much more than profits. By combining personal ambition with their desire for contribution, growth and fulfillment they have transformed the way we live and do business.

Some of the greatest examples have emerged in Silicon Valley, and they are incorporated in the models of SFM™.

So, lets learn from the best.

Trainer for Bulgaria:

Manuela Draganova is executive coach&trainer and affiliated Member of Dilts Strategy Group, CA. She is certified and authorized to represent SFM™ in Bulgaria.