Success Factor Modeling (SFM™) was created by one of the famous coaches and business consultants in the world – Robert Dilts.

For several decades, Robert and his brother John (a Silicon Valley lawyer) have interviewed and analyzed attitude of hundreds of successful leaders and entrepreneurs in different areas, searching for common traits between them.

What is the difference between successful and not successful people?

What is the essence that allows them to succeed?

What are their decisions and actions?

And above all – WHAT IS THEIR MINDSET?


During their research, Robert and his team have identified crucial patterns of values, behaviors and interrelationships at the root of prosperous individuals, teams and companies, along with the cognitive strategies that drive them. Then, they created a system of step-by-step procedures and techniques, allowing those models to be applied to other companies in order to facilitate the same level of success.

The most important advantage of SFM™ is its emphasis on practicality, as it uses interactive, experiential learning contexts so all principles and procedures may be understood and applied.


What does SFM™ provide to business?

✔ System of knowledge and values, called Success Factors

✔ Practical tools supporting people, projects and companies thrive

✔ Strategies and tools to:

– Enhance team and personal productivity

– Stimulate creativity at all levels

– Boost motivation

– Develop emotional intelligence

– Produce tangible results



Who is SFM™ for?

Business owners, managers and entrepreneurs, spearhead leaders and achievers.


Why choose SFM™?

In recent years, a new generation of leaders has arisen, who are interested in much more than profits. By combining personal ambition with their desire for contribution, growth and fulfillment they have transformed the way we live and do business.

Lets join them.