Group coaching

For sure highly efficient teams are great advantage to each organization, and group coaching is a powerful tool to increase collective collaboration and motivation. How to create a successful and meaningful work life? How do you create good personal relationships? How to be more efficient? In Generative Mindset ILC we apply methods with focus on strategic thinking, high productiviy and innovation.

Strategic Thinking


Growing Results

Generative Mindset ILC, we have idividual approach to our clients. After an audit and observations, we design the team coaching process according to the goals and needs of each client or organization. The goal is to deepen and widen team’s practical understanding of common vision, create awareness with change of perspectives, stimulate co-creativity, generate inovative solutions, explore and level up team performance.

Benefits of group coaching

✔ Stimulating collective intelligence 

✔ Aligning the team around a shared vision

✔ Clarifying individual roles in the team and boosting motivation

✔ Developing shared responsibility

✔ Increasing the team spirit and team awareness

✔ Acquiring new teamwork skills

✔ Developing methods for problems solving and meeting challenges without fear

Build strong relationships in the team, and beyond

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In Generative Mindset ILC we pay attention both to the individual performance of the members, and to their collective dedication for achieving common desired goals. As coaches our job is to keep people progressing by experimenting with new behaviors or testing different tactics, and then practicing and perfecting those that prove most effective. Our mission is to support the team in developing generative mindset and achieving better results.