Personal coaching

Personal coaching is the fastest and most effective way to unleash your potential, and to deal with changes. Yes, change is hard. Ask anyone who has tried to develop a new skill, face personal challenge, switch careers, improve a relationship, or break a bad habit.

Here comes our part – to help you and lead you going through changes, not to guide or push you. In Generative Mindset ILC we ask good questions and listen intently to explore a person’s individual vision, and to build a caring  relationship. We see all of a person’s positive and negative internal states, beliefs, past experiences, and somatic states as potential resources. Our role is to assist you with making a chages. Providing extra strategic insights and tools to deliver performance beyond present levels and beliefs, personal coaching helps people develop and maintain creative states of consciousness. The emphasise is on positive goals, future orientation, and action plans so clients can widen their mindset to generate a happy, successful, and meaningful life.

Personal Growth


Generative Mindset

In personal coaching it’s all about you. How to create the life you want by mastering your own creativity and skillfully using all the available resources? How to deal with challenges and changes? How to contribute and grow? How to be more agail and flexible, and, in general, how to be a better version of yourself? Our mission is to support you in developing generative mindset and realize your potential all the way until you reach your goals.

Benefits of personal coaching

✔  Focus as laser on you and your needs

✔ Developing your vision of the future and values elicit

✔  Clarifying your main goals and designing strategies to achieve them

✔  Building solid long-term planning skills

✔  Mastering your ability to control the future

✔  Enriching your acumen, personal confidence, goals commitment and resilience

✔  Transforming your limiting beliefs and creating powerful mindset

✔ Boosting your emotional intelligence

✔ Investing in human capital by developing a generative mindset

Being coached is exiting and stretching experience, inviting to draw on and develop new or hidden personal resources and qualities. Latest statistics show coaching investments pay back at least seven times. Almost every company at Silicon Valley has a coach assigned on the spot.