Anna GrozdanovaBulgaria

    Anna Grozdanova is a member of the Generative Mindset ILC, EFTPractitioner and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, a member of BADEP. She is a follower of the “IceMan” Wim Hoff and organizes seminars on his method that allow us to consciously control the immune system, increasing the energy and strength of the mind and body.


    Anna is a founder and actively participated in the development of some of the most successful restaurants in Sofia and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast for fifteen years. After the financial crisis in 2009, her life took a completely different direction. Anna became actively involved in meditation, yoga, art therapy, family constellations and more. She studies holistic methods and practices for achieving a healthier lifestyle, coping with stress and achieving inner harmony and balance, in both personal and corporate life. She also organizes multiple annual retreats on the island of Bali.


    Anna appreciates the freedom, honesty, love and the joy of the little things. She believes that the abilities of our body are much greater than we think.