Manuela DraganovaBulgaria

    Manuela Draganova is co-founder of Generative Mindset International Learning Center, coach & trainer, affiliated member of Dilts Strategy Group, CA and member of International Association for Generative Change. She is an author of the novel based on real events Ana’s Way, released in 2018 in USA, and an author of the Bulgarian version ANA (AHA), published by Ciela Publishing in October 2019 in Bulgaria.

    Before switching career to coaching, she has various corporate experiences. For eight years she serves as а Commercial Director at National Hippodrome organizing horse races. She is also a Chairman of the Board of Hotel Rila Complex for four years.

    Manuela studies Success Factor Modeling at Silicon Valley, California by Robert Dilts himself – creator of this methodology, and worldwide coaching expert. Now she is enthusiastically helping entrepreneurs, managers and business owners clarify their vision, set clear goals, create an action plan, and remain highly motivated, so to successfully achieve their goals and to be great role models to others.

    Manuela appreciates tenderness, loyalty, emotional intelligence, and humor.