Ruediger FleischGermany

    Ruediger Fleisch is co-founder of Generative Mindset International Learning Center and author of the SEMI™ program (Systematic Emotional & Mental Integration).

    He is a problem solver with more than 20 years experience as coach and trainer. Over a period of three years SEMI™ program had been applied in Europe, China and USA for more than 300 consulting days.

    His clients list is pretty long, including Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Cisco Systems, Bosch, Pension fond of the Federal Government, Universities for Applied Sciences, Senate of Berlin, Ministry of Labor in Germany, Ministry for Regional Development in Yugoslavia, and many others.

    Ruediger values kindness, pure relationships, seniority, and laughter.

    He believes that mankind is now facing major global evolutional challenges, and therefore he often asks his clients: “What would you create in the world if you knew you will live 200 years?”



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