Generative Midset ILC offers trainings for enriching team motivation and productivity.

In our trainings we apply the innovative Success Factor Modeling (SFM™) methodology, created by one of the best coaches and business consultants in the world – Robert Dilts. Robert has worked on various projects with companies as Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Lucasfilm, FIAT, World Bank, and many others.

For several decades, Robert and his brother John (a Silicon Valley lawer) have interviewed and analyzed behaviours of hundreds of successful leaders and entrepreneurs in different areas, searching for common traits between them. What is the difference, that makes the difference between successful and not successful people? What is the essence that allows them to succeed? What are their decisions and actions? And above all – what is their mindset?

At the end they compile all the answers in SFM™ methodology, offering a unique approach for developing additional competencies based on creative modeling. The most important advantage of SFM™ is its emphasis on practicality, as it uses interactive, experiential learning contexts so all principles and procedures may be understood and applied.


What does SFM™ provide to business?

Unique system of knowledge and values, called Success Factors.

Strategies and tools to:

Enhence leadership skills

Stimulate creativity at all levels

Boost motivation

Develop emotional intelligence

Enriche human capital

Produce tangible results


Who is motivational training for?

Leaders and teams, seeking better productivity and results.


Trainer for Bulgaria:

Manuela Draganova is executive coach&trainer and affiliated Member of Dilts Strategy Group, CA. She is certified and authorized to represent SFM™ in Bulgaria.