Why coaching

Coaching provides an opportunity to objectively observe your live, broaden your outlook and take certain action in your desired direction. Coaching helps in making changes.

If you’re confident enough and you’re ably using all the available resources, then go ahead and act. You don’t need a coach or coaching.

If you think you’re confident enough and you’re ably using all available resources but you’re hungry for more, we recommend you take a workshop.

If your relationship is bothering youand you suffer a broken heart then you probably need either a good friend or a good coach. Or both.

You can start researching. Choosing a personal coach is a delicate process and Generative Mindset ILC might be the right place for you.

✔ If you are successful and confident, and you want to achieve even more, Generative Mindset ILC is the right place for you. Once ready to make the first step and embrace the change, don’t think twice – choose your coach and make an appointment.

When should you be looking for a coach?

If you are facing a big change;

If you have doubts in some area of your life;

If you are going through difficult times;

If you are about to meet challenges on your way,

What to expect from us?

We’ll ask good questions and listen intently to explore your vision of the future, while building a relationship of loyalty and trust between us. Afterwards we’ll assist you utilize your unconscious resources to create an action plan for achieving your goals.

We’ll support you aknowledge and transform your limiting beliefs, experience new strategic insights, widen your horizon, and develop skills of resilience and quick decision making. Generative coaching helps people cultivate and maintain creative states of consciousness, so they could deliver performance beyond present levels and beliefs.

What is generative coaching?

The core of Generative Coaching is the idea of Generative Change, developed by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan as a product of their combined years of expertise. To “generate” means to create something new. Generative Change brings together multiple types of intelligence– verbal and visual, individual and collective, somatic and intellectual– in order to foster creative performance.

In Generative Mindset ILC we see all of a person’s positive and negative internal states, beliefs, past experiences, and somatic states as potential resources. The emphasise is on positive goals, future orientation, and action plans so clients can widen their mindset to generate a happy, successful, and meaningful life. Our role is to assist you with making chages.

The Team of Generative Mindset ILC