– how to understand the current shift and turmoil from new perspectives

– how to navigate into more balanced inner states

– how to generate necessary resources

– how to create a new energetic platform to operate from

– how to actively step out of unconscious patterns which keep you fixated in a
  reactionary struggling mode and block your impact and creativity

– how to re-discover your effective inner guidance system

– how to choose with what you want to engage

– how to co-create and communicate with others

– how to encounter stressful situations in a balanced way

– how to see new opportunities to create amidst of the turmoil
– how to manifest and enjoy creation


– Create and operate from a new energetic level of balance and creativity

– Having access to personal field of power and safety

– Leaving the predominant survival mode and mode of reactive behavior

– Having a living experience of new understanding and possibilities

– Stay mindful about your inner strength

– Observe and choose when to engage with the outside world

– Navigating thoughts and actions in the daily environment according to your intention

– Improve your productivity and relationships both professional and intimate

– Choosing from numerous possibilities to create at you own terms

– Acting from a sense of completion versus perfection



Day 1: Leaving the unnecessary patterns

Day 2: Generating abundance of resources

Day 3: New applications for co-creating success


Free Webinar 1: January 30, 2018; 7.00 – 8.30 p.m.

What makes 2018 such an interesting year for creations?


Free Webinar 2: February 28, 2018; 7.00 – 8.30 p.m.

What creators have to regard in order to support themselves and others in 2018?


Seminar: March 23 -25, 2018

Drama or Freedom to Create

10789 Berlin, Germany

Marburger Str. 3, Plus-Ultra-Global GmbH,  2nd floor right

Price: 695,00 € incl. VAT


  • Рудигер Флейш Германия

    Съосновател на Generative Mindset International Learning Center и автор на програмата SEMI (Systematic Emotional & Mental Integration).

  • Ксавиер Лий САЩ

    Съосновател на Generative Mindset International Learning Center и един от стоте коучове в света сертифицирани в лидерската програма на Гугъл SIYLI.

  • Мануела Драганова България

    Съосновател на Generative Mindset International Learning Center, генеративен коуч и специалист в моделиране на вътрешната нагласа, член на International Association for Generative Change